Restorative Practices

What are Restorative Practices?
Restorative practices promote values and principles that use inclusive, collaborative practices for being in a community.  Restorative practices help schools create and maintain a positive school culture and climate.  

     Restorative practices:                                                                       

  1. Build community

  2. Celebrate accomplishments

  3. Intervene in offending behavior

  4. Transform conflict

  5. Rebuild damaged relationships

  6. Reintegrate students into the learning environment

What is a Peace Path?
Wilson Elementary School has begun placing a higher emphasis on conflict resolution and restorative practices.  The peace path is a three step process that schools use to find common ground between feuding students and tap in to the idea of empathy. The students first express how they feel given the conflict. Next, they explain what could change so that they feel better. Lastly, students talk about what should be

Restorative Practices